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Solar PV

Practical, high quality and smart solar PV solutions for a sustainable energy future.


Solar PV is the cheapest electricity source with safe and fully predictable outputs. We provide clients with solar PV solutions that enable them to either invest, save, or earn an extra income. We have delivered the largest number of installed solar PV commercial projects in South Africa and continue to ensure that our customers benefit from our comprehensive solutions. If you own a rooftop you can benefit from a Solar PV solution. 

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Solar PV now enables attractive investment opportunities in the country, with Internal Rate of Returns (IRR’s) from 14% upwards.


A solar power system can be viewed as a financial product – one that generates annual returns. We have the technical and practical experience to make solar PV a high yield bearing, low-risk, and reliable investment. Investing in the installation of a Solar PV system can see returns better than property or SA Bonds and is a strong contender for inclusion in your overall investment strategy. It also increases the value of your property. Emergent Energy can also assist with bank financed solutions where you only need to invest max 20% of the capital to experience all the rewards.


Solar PV is a great way to reduce operating costs by beating Eskom or major municipalities’ electricity tariffs.  


With the ongoing escalation of electricity tariffs relative to inflation the need to cut down on costs is becoming increasingly important for any business. But often your capital strategy is to reinvest in the business or it is already tied up in expansions. Solar energy is the solution. We can sell you solar electricity cheaper than what you are buying from Eskom or your municipality. Have a look at our Capital Free Solutions to see how you can cut your operating costs by engaging with a Solar alternative electricity supplier, without the need to invest any capital!


Earn a risk free additional income and BEE points as you boost your asset value.


If you own a rooftop you can benefit from a solar PV solution. Harness the opportunity of your rooftop by engaging in a roof rental agreement. This is where we lease your rooftop for a fixed monthly fee, turning your roof into a revenue generating source. We can also assist you in earning preferred suppliers BEE points when you engage with us with the roof rental or alternative electricity supplier’s solutions. Have a look at Capital Free Solutions for more information.  

Solar PV Mission

Powering a cleaner and more prosperous South Africa 


Renewables will be the cornerstone of a cleaner, more productive, and more job-intensive economy. We aim to advance this vision through the provision of state-of-the-art renewable energy technologies and methodologies.

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