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Capital Free Solutions

These solutions eliminate the need for clients to incur the substantial upfront capital expenditure amount that would be required under an outright purchase.

These investment-free options allow our clients to either save or earn an extra income and BEE points without having to invest in a solar PV system. We introduced these solutions because we understand that you could gain energy independence and reduce your energy costs, without realizing the capital costs of a solar PV system.

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An Alternative Electricity Supply (PPA) allows you to mitigate the risk of fluctuating energy prices by committing to a long-term agreement where we invest in the technology, while you save on your electricity tariff.

A PPA can beat or equal your current electricity tariff, allowing you to make savings from day one. With this solution, you only pay for the electricity generated by the system over the duration of the solar lease and reduce your operating costs without having to own or invest in the system. This is a great opportunity because no upfront payment is required from you and neither are the installation and maintenance costs. Options to purchase the system can be provided and the model can be blended with capital expenditure models to accommodate capacity/ expectations. 

Roof Rental Income

Solar PV systems can be used to generate an extra rental income from your roof.

This solution is like the Alternative Electricity Supply solution, however, instead of saving on energy costs, the independent power producer pays our clients a rental for using their roof space to generate solar PV electricity. No capital outlay is required and there are no risks on utilities’ tariff escalation. This model can be blended with our capital expenditure models to accommodate capacity or expectations. 

Earn BEE Points

Combine solar and empowerment initiatives to save and earn BEE points.

This solution enables you to get all the benefits from the roof rental income or alternative energy supply models AND score BEE points. Therefore, BEE points can be gained with all the capital free solutions. By engaging in this empowered PPA programme, you earn preferential procurement and supplier development points through the energy purchased from the solar system. Please feel free contact us for more information.

Capital Free Solutions Mission

To assist our clients in harnassing the potential of Solar PV to best suit their needs. 

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