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Portfolio Roll Out

Use solar PV solutions to improve your entire business model

For large companies with multiple premises, a wide supplier network or a property portfolio our large scale planned roll-out option has been developed to suit your needs. We will assess at no cost for you if your combined roll out meets the threshold of 1MW. And this is regardless of location across South Africa. We can then further leverage our supply chain and pass savings of between 10-25% onto you. Further increasing the attractiveness of the Solar PV solution. This roll-out option is possible across all our innovative funding models where you can choose to either invest or a no capital solution. We would also offer an interactive platform allowing for real time reporting across your entire portfolio. As well as a dedicated technical team to ensure surveillance and possible interventions for troubleshooting. 

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Property Owners

Increase the value your property with one swift solar PV roll-out.

Take advantage of owning multiple rooftops by planning a large scale roll out of Solar PV on them. We will assess your various sites for the best financial benefit, considering electricity costs and roof sizing. The roll-out option allows property owners to leverage economies of scale to ensure an even more attractive investment or operational cost saving.  

Buyer's Club

Protect the financial and environmentally sustainable of your business supply chain.

While there has been an increased emphasis on financial and environmental sustainability of businesses, it must be acknowledged that businesses do not operate in silos. There is a growing trend internationally to ensure the financial and environmental sustainability of key players in your supply chain. Often the barrier to entry for your suppliers is cost. By jointly engaging with them we can offer a planned roll out that will see each installation installed at reduced costs. Ensuring their longevity into the future. 

Integrated Services

Bring value add to your clients.

Are you providing lease solutions to your clients? Assisting them in reducing electricity costs is an attractive value add. Again by identifying multiple clients we could assist in a large planned roll out for them ensuring they obtain the best benefit. However, should all of the aforementioned options not be suitable to your situation, we can tailor solutions to best meet your needs. 

Portfolio Roll Out Mission

To assist our clients in harnassing the potential of Solar PV to best suit their needs.  

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