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Monitoring & Metering

Manage your electricity usage effectively with the aid of Emergent Energy.


By understanding your core electricity consumption profile, we're able to guide and assist you in optimizing your consumption and in effect reduce your electricity bill. We offer a range of services from the design, supply and installation of electrical meters to monitoring the performance of your solar PV system in real-time. Our products and services can be tailored to suit your specific requirements and provide you with the information required to enhance your sustainability and maximize the return on investment from your solar PV system.

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Emergent Energy is one of the few companies in South Africa to emphasize the importance of Monitoring and O&M services.


We provide our client's with a cost-optimized monitoring contract. This replaces a usual maintenance contract allowing our client's more savings. This monitoring solution allows us to track your solar PV system’s performance. With real-time remote monitoring, the client minimizes costs associated with traditional O&M offerings and receives a month-to-month update on the solar PV system’s performance.


Stay ahead of your consumption by installing a smart meter enabling you to track your electricity usage


Whether to track your electricity consumption or to track consumption against your solar PV production, a smart meter will provide beneficial information to your business. The smart meter will assist in identifying your high usage periods and enable optimization of your load profile. Smart meters are also necessary for the registration of solar PV systems.

Monitoring & Metering Mission

Managing your electricity consumption and ensure your PV is working efficiently.


When it comes to electricity consumption and monitoring your Solar PV's performance, we handle it professionally, efficiently and economically.

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